You may have heard us playing the new single from Rascal Flatts "Rewind". When the group was asked what favorite song or movie made them hit rewind on their VHS or Cassette players (back in the day) Jay DeMarcus said 1992's movie " The Cutting Edge".

Wow! I knew their was a reason I liked Jay DeMarcus. That movie is one of my personal favorites. How can you not like watching cutie D.B.Sweeney on ice as you mix 2 of favorite sports: Hockey & Figure Skating. Not to mention the best line in the movie "Toe Pick!".

That got me to thinking: "What other movies do I watch over and over and never tire of?"

Here's a few in no particular order: Dirty Dancing, Return to Me, It Happened One night, Gone with the Wind, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Memphis Bell, Sleepless in Seattle. I have so many favorites I'll put your eyes out just reading the titles. Basically, on any given weekend you can catch me, 9 times out of 10, glued to my couch with my remote stuck on Turner Classic Movies. I love old movies.

So now let me ask you, what are your favorite movies you can watch time and time again?