I get that dating websites have revolutionized the way people meet each other, but what I don't get is the new dating auction website, WhatsYourPrice.com. Seriously, my mind is boggled right now.

In a nutshell, here is how the website works: men meet the women "of their dreams" after their bid has been accepted by the woman. Basically, women get paid to date, and men can date whoever the heck they want for the right price. I can't help wondering about the substance of a relationship if this is how you meet. I guess if you are a women who only wants a man with money, and a man who likes a superficial woman, this is a dream come true.

Am I being too mean and judgmental here?

Back to the purpose of this article now. WhatsYourPrice.com recently conducted a survey of about 145,000 guys to find out what they want most in a woman, and what they would pay for these attributes. Here's just a few of the findings:

  • Average value of blonde hair was $59.31
  • Average value of a thin body was $55.43
  • A post-graduate degree was valued at $59.90
  • Some ideal traits included a blue-eyed non-smoker who drank occasionally

Only good that I can find that came out of this study is that men are willing to pay just as much for a woman's physical qualities as they are for her intellect and education.

I need to go and count to five to calm down now. Ladies, what do you think of all this?