How would you answer this question: What is your favorite thing in the entire world?

Interestingly enough it's NOT money!  Here is what some of you said:

- A well pressurized, hot shower.
-House to myself. Get to play video games at max volume while drinking my favorite beer. Followed by watching a HD 60" T.V.
- My dog. She's so sweet! Just got home from going to the vet with her, now she's cuddling with me on the couch.
- Music, by far. Can change my whole mood within minutes like nothing else.
- Naps. Afternoon naps, morning naps, naps after supper. Any type of nap. 20 minute naps, 2 hour naps, you name it! Anyone who doesn't like naps is either already taking a nap or 5 years old.
- Driving by myself. It's so relaxing.

HOW WOULD YOU ANSWER this question?