I was hanging with some friends the other night and we go to talking about the strange things we did as a kid (legal or illegal). Wanting to be a mad scientist when I grew up, one of the things that I did was to make "potions" with random shampoos, soaps, and liquids in the kitchen sink and sometimes in the toilet.

Strange to think about now, but totally normal back in my youth. I would also bang my head against a door when I got mad, in addition to slamming them open and shut. (Is that why I am the way I am today?...Probably)

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Was I the only one who did weird things as a kid?  Not even close! In an article in USA TODAY I found out I am not alone.

  • "I ate yellow snow." (Andrew C.)
  • "I ate dry dog food and thought it tasted good." (Marci C.)
  • "I ate straight butter out of the fridge when no one was around." (Dana C.)
  • "I used to eat a bowl of ice cream every night and pretend that it was medicine and if I didn't eat it all I'd die." (Brennan B.)

So tell me, what weird things did you do as a kid?