Last week we took a look at the most overhyped and overrated areas in Iowa, so I figured it was only fair to also look at the great state of Illinois. The votes and suggestions for Iowa are very funny and interesting to read. Since I'm not from Illinois I'm also excited to learn about some spots that I may have overhyped over the years simply because others did.

We have the final results of the top three overrated spots in Iowa below as well.

How To Decided

If you're from Illinois this is perfect, but honestly, anyone can give their vote. Everywhere in Illinois is fair game. If there is a spot that gets a lot of love, and hype that you think doesn't deserve it let us know!

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Iowas Overrated spots

You can see that story and the votes here. The top overrated spots were:

1. Des Monies

2. Iowa City

3. Clinton

While Illinois is similar to Iowa, it does have a major difference and that is... Well, a major city. Chicago is unlike anything Iowa has, but even with that difference I still think we can find a few overrated spots in Illinois, hey who knows maybe you think Chicago is overrated. I would have no idea since every time I go to Chicago it's as a dumb tourist and I have an awesome time.


It's your turn to vote. I would love to see which spot wins. We will look at this poll, App messages, and Facebook messages to see which spots make it onto this list the most.  This is all in good fun, with no hate for the spots that "win."

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