What do Justin Moore and I have in common? We both hate GERMS. Germs those creepy crawly unseen things. Yuck!Justin denies that he is a germ-a-phobe. However, he will not swim in public pools. He said that they're disgusting. "You're swimming in urine that ain't yours."

I can't say I would go that far for public pools, but we are both finicky when it comes to public bathrooms. I will use either toilet paper to flush the toilet or even my foot so as to not touch the handle. Justin will kick the handle. I will use a tissue or paper towel to open the door upon exiting the bathroom as well.

The other thing I won't do is eat food that has been left out for others to touch, like bags of chips, unless of course I know whose hand has been in the bag.

What things do you get germ-a-phobic over?