It's June and with the arrival of Summer comes those big red-brown June bugs that bring more than the creeps. Here's how they can mess up more than your windshield. When you're out camping or sitting on your deck, you'll see June Bugs now through the end of summer. According to Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension Office, June Bugs and Beetles can be attracted to lights, porch lights and street lights. Figures the male June Bugs are attracted to lights and things that glow.

Females, less attracted to lights, tunnel 2 to 5 inches int

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o the soil and deposit eggs. In 3 to 4 weeks, small grubs (larvae) hatch from eggs and develop in about 3 weeks. The Grub Worms remain in your yard and soil from late summer through spring. They munch on the roots of your grass and create those dull brown spots.

They're great for fishing, but hard on your property.

Welcome to June...Grab the bug spray...