High, I found one of the greatest cannabis podcasts in Illinois and I wanted to share it with everybody - whether you're a stoner or a first time cannabis user!

Marijuana is legal in Illinois and there still seems to be a huge stigma around people consuming cannabis.  Many people ask, 'why not just drink instead?' Well, feeling completely fine the next morning sounds WAY better than a hangover and headache. Am I wrong?

A friend of mine in Chicago created this dope podcast with his wife called 'Weedman 420 Chronicles' where they educate stoners, new users, and anybody interested about everything cannabis related.


Stomp the Stigma by learning about cannabis for both medical and recreational use. Let's put the War on Drugs to sleep by learning the truth about a plant that is fascinating, useful, natural, and on it's way to your living room...if it's not already there.

Mr. & Mrs. Weedman 420 posted their first episode in April 2019. They discuss all the different strains of cannabis; sativas, indicas, and hybrids.  They always sound like they're having a BLAST in every episode they release.

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Their following then grew very fast across Chicago, just like their plants.

It's really rare you find podcasts that roll out their first episodes with extremely raw content.  That's why I started listening to Weedman 420 Chronicles, after hearing the husband & wife duo rip a bong in the middle of their episodes, I had to keep listening!

Seriously, I felt like I was just hanging out with some old friends in their parents' basement doing a 'puff, puff, pass' session like back in high school when it was the 'cool' thing to do.

Some of Mr. & Mrs. Weedman 420's episodes even walk you through the basics of growing your own plants (legally of course) and the proper ways to execute it.

Honestly, it probably saves you a heck of a lot more money than paying those high taxes at the dispensaries in the state!

This duo may not be your 'typical' superheroes, but they do wear capes from time to time!  If this doesn't make you want to follow their joint journey, I don't know what will.

Mr. & Mrs. Weedman 420 post once a week & continue educating the public about all forms of cannabis & the way each one works with your body.  If you want to brush up on your cannabis knowledge, listen to their 'pot'cast.  If you're not interested, well you're missing out on a great smoke sesh with some dope people!

Follow the Weedman 420 Chronicles on their journey to living the higher life in the safest ways possible!  You can find them on Instagram and Spotify.

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