It's no surprise that drugs have been running rampant through our state and communities. New laws are on the horizon for Marijuana but there's a lot of other drugs on the street right now that are ruining lives day after day. One of these drugs is Methamphetamine.

In the early 2000s the police, DEA and other law enforcement organizations were scrambling to stop the Meth epidemic. They made some good headway back then and In the last few years, you haven't heard about the drug as much. In 2006 Congress regulated the sale of precursor ingredients to make it harder for criminals to cook and manufacture the drug.

Well, methamphetamine has definitely not gone away. In the last 2 years, Meth Labs have been popping up all over the place., took 10 years of data and records from the DEA and made an interactive map so you can check if there are any of these drug dens near you. It even shows you where the Meth Labs were before they were busted. It's actually a great tool to find out more about where you live. Drug use and abuse will always be part of your community but at least with this tool, you know where to stay away from.

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