Here's the deal, we love Santa, but we just have some questions about what's going on with him at our mall.

I'm a single, childless, woman, so it's been quite a while since I stood in line at any mall to hang with Santa, maybe I'm just out of touch...but, I think there are some strange things going on with the CherryVale Santa set-up.

First, that chair.

That chair is so big it could fit Santa and all eight of his reindeer. I get the 'cute' factor of having kids on a big chair, but doesn't it take some work to get those kids loaded on the giant chair?

Plus it leads to very weird spacing issues.

colesmom223 VIA Instagram
colesmom223 VIA Instagram

Next, Santa's vest.

Well, is that a vest? Is that a shirt? It looks like a festive table runner.

Like I said, this could all be because I haven't hung around Santa at the mall for years, but from what I remember, he was just wearing red and white and suspenders, not all this gold vest business.

Finally, Santa in the train.

I've been in a mall train before and I felt like I was going to get stuck, how in the world did Santa and his 'bowl full of jelly' stomach fit in there?

In all seriousness, this Santa is awesome but I was bummed I only saw these photos of Rockford kids with Santa on Instagram?

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