If you were watching the 49th Annual CMA music awards last night you most likely caught Eric Church performing his latest song "Mr. Misunderstood".

He gave an awesome performance as he always does. Ok, I know, I'm biased because I love him.

Whether you missed the performance or would like to hear it again, check it out here!

See I told you, he does an awesome job.

I would have been happy if he played all night. Ha!

By the way, Eric recently released his video for his newest "Mr. Misunderstood". Watch here too!


Yep. Pretty cool isn't it.?!

Mr. Misunderstood is found on his surprise album of the same name that was given out to his Church Choir fan club yesterday, according to Rolling Stone magazine. The song was released to iTunes right before the CMA's last night.

As for when or if 'Mr. Misunderstood' will be released to retail stores, Rolling Stone said, that Eric Church and his camp are remaining quiet about that for now. In fact they said Eric "hasn't formally acknowledged Mr. Misunderstood's existence at all."

Hmmm... Well time will tell.
I hope that he does release it to the mainstream public. Eric is an awesome singer, song writer, and this album just like "The Outsiders" is fantastic. I personally feel it's a great push in putting country music back to where it should be.