In this day and age opiate and other pain killing drug abuse is running rampant.

Walmart pharmacies, including those in Rockford, is now offering a product to dispose of left over pain drugs that biodegrades.

Bloomberg Technologies reports that Walmart is now offering their pharmacy customers a packet filled with powder that when mixed with water and the leftover or expired pain drug turns it into a useless gel that can be thrown away. The best part is this gel is biodegradable and will not hurt the environment as it breaks down.

It's called DisposeRx. Walmart pharmacies will now offer any customer "filling a new Class II opioid prescription at any of [their] 4,700 locations [in the] U.S. will now receive a packet of DisposeRx. Those with refillable opioid prescriptions will get a free sachet every six months, and customers can request a free packet at any time"

This comes on the heels of the U.S. trying to curb "opioid addiction, an affliction that often begins when chronic-pain sufferers fill a prescription."

Many pharmacies, including those at CVS and Walgreens, offer "medication-disposal kiosks" which is "a service that Wal-Mart doesn’t provide".

The best part is a person can use this product at home and dispose of it there and not have to go out to another location to dispose of their leftover and expired prescriptions.

Here's a quick video on how it works.



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