This does not make the state of Illinois look too good. It's bad enough that Illinois is often viewed by the rest of the country as a corrupt state. This, if true, will solidify that premise. Watch this video closely: is reporting that the Republican Party in Illinois is threatening legal action after this video surfaced of a voting machine registering a vote for the wrong candidate in East Moline. In the video you can see the voter attempting to vote for a Republican candidate using a touch screen device. When the voter attempts to vote for two Republicans, the votes are registered for the Democratic candidate. The link to this video was provided by the Republican Party

A new release was issued by Illinois republican Chairman Tim Schneider:

Earlier this week, we expressed deep concerns over reports of early voting machines in Rock Island County calibrated in a way that switches people's votes from Republican to Democrat - similar to recent reports out of Cook County, The Rock Island Clerk ignored our concerns and claimed no problem existed. Following today’s shocking video, we renew our call on the Rock Island Clerk to immediately investigate the calibration of voting machines in the county. The Illinois Republican Party will take any and all necessary legal action to ensure that every single voter's voice is heard.

I don't care which side of politics you fall on but this, if proven true, is embarrasing and another blow to Illinois.

Election day is on Tuesday November 4th. If you do vote in precinct that uses these touch machines, verify that it registered your vote correctly.  If not, contact a nearby Election judge or contact your local county clerk and file a complaint

Watch this video and tell me what you think.