I lived in Memphis for about 2 years and in that time my cars were broken into on several occasions. I always had to remember to keep it locked and to never leave anything of value in sight. Even doing that, we still had problems. Although the rate of stolen vehicles and car jackings in Rockford are not that high, you still need to pay attention because you just never know what could happen. And I will say this, if someone steals your car and your around to see it, whatever you do don't try to stop them or get in their way. I mean we all have insurance for a reason, desperate criminals do desperate things.

According to MyStateline.com, one car owner in Jersey was left in critical condition for doing just that and most of it was caught on camera through a Ring door bell. It all went down in a Belleville neighborhood in New Jersey. They say that two men walked through their home, unlocked the back door, grabbed the keys and ran. The victims wife tried to place a trace can behind the vehicle to stop them but it didn't work. That's when her husband jumped on the hood of the car and held on for two miles before being ejected. He is now in critical condition with serious injuries like bleeding on the brain as well as broken ribs. The car was found in Newark along with the two suspects. If something like this ever happens to you just remember what could happen.

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