Its been a pretty rough day for Verizon in the Mid west as well as LA, Chicago, New York and several other major cities according to As of now, the reason for the huge outage has not been released. This has been happening to major companies lately, Instagram, Facebook and others have all fell victim to an outage recently. Most of those outages were caused by hackers so this could probably be the same thing.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have more of an idea of what really happened. I mean this was a major outage across most major cities in America. I understand a cell tower or two going down, but the whole network? If you would like to check the current status of the outage just click here. As I was writing this, a few coworkers stopped by my office with smiles on their faces. Some of them have their service working again. If you have Verizon hopefully your service is back up and running again now or very soon.

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