I don't know about you, but spiders are soooo not my thing. I HATE spiders and I somehow turn into a two-year-old when I see one and I run the other way. And while not all spiders in Illinois are dangerous, here are some spiders you'll definitely want to stay away from.

Most of the spiders in Illinois are not harmful, but there are a few that can severely hurt you. According to aerex.com you might want to keep far away from these two spiders.


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    Black Widow

    This spider lives in tree stumps, under rocks, and even in garages (look out). If you happen to get bit by this spider, you will feel weakness, tremors, and even some paralysis. To ensure you do not encounter the Black Widow seal up any cracks in your garage, get rid of clutter in and or around your home.

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    Brown Recluse

    The Brown Recluse Spider is a mixture of brown, orange and tan colors. It also has not one, not two, but six eyes to stare you down with. Itchiness, swelling and pain are just some of the symptoms you might feel if bitten by this spider. If you have wood or rock piles around your house, you might want to think about getting rid if them. The Brown Recluse Spider loves to live in dark cool places.

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