Did Dallas Mavericks owner and all-around flashy entrepreneur Mark Cuban Win $20 Million dollars on Sunday. Here's what we know. Mr Cuban caused a Twitter uproar on Sunday when he tweeted that he'd won $20 million by placing a bet on the very first play of the Super Bowl. He bet that the first regular play would be be a safety. You can plan place Prop bets on just about anything that has to do with the Superbowl.


Here is what he tweeted: "I HAD SAFETY ON THE FIRST PLAY IN VEGAS !!!!!!!!!! 1mm to 1.. $20mm BABY. #Unbelievable," As you'll recall, that is exactly what happened and Seattle took a 2=0 lead against the Broncos.

After everyone picked up on this and it made the social media rounds, we find out that Mark Cuban later admitted it was a joke. He later tweeted: "Psych :).," which meant his previous tweet was not true. In case you are wondering the actual prop bet for such a play was about to 40-1. If you search Twitter, you will not find the tweet has been deleted. If Mr Cuban's job was to get attention, he accomplished that. Does this guy really need more attention?! LOL!