Welcome to the Cuneyt Arkın School of Martial Arts Semi-Mastery! Here, you will be transformed from a puny nobody who can barely kick above your belt to a raging warrior who can definitely kick above your belt! Let Turkish film star and martial arts "whiz" Cuneyt Arkın show you the ancient secrets that have elevated him to regional superstar status!

You will, of course, need some crucial accessories in order to complete your training and become a warrior as skilled and crafty as Cuneyt Arkın. And we've got you covered! Browse through our gift shop to select the weapons and tools that are just right for you. In order to fulfill your destiny as a cool ninja fighter, you'll need a bow and some arrows, a thick, dull sword, and one of our top-of-the-line trampolines so you can leap into battles in style!

And don't forget your patent leather jacket. Notice how it only buttons at the bottom, giving you the freedom of movement you'll need to fight off the hordes of people dressed like (but not trained, of course) ninjas. You'll be the envy of your neighborhood when you fly from your trampoline into the many gang battles we assume occur in your American town.

OK, that's enough. We'll stop there. But we can't help ourselves. Cuneyt Arkın is a bit of a Turkish cinema legend. He has starred in almost 300 films and television shows, including the movie from which today's clip originates. It's a curiously edited bit of work called 'Olum Savascisi.' Arkin is also responsible for 'Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam,' a.k.a. the Turkish Star Wars. Another little tidbit of trivia about Arkin: His Wikipedia page claims he is also a doctor of medicine. Whaddya know?