Sounds scary, right? If you are reading this, then you survived the deadly toys from your childhood. Sounds like a bad movie.  I owned some of  these when I was young and am still walking around on this planet. How many of these deadly toys did you own?

Slip N' Slide: I loved this!

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Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

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Atomic Energy Lab:.A briefcase-size set included a Geiger counter (used to measure radiation), an electroscope and three different types of uranium ore.

The Water Wiggle: This thing should have strangled me!

Creepy Crawlers

Easy-Bake Oven. Of course, when I was young it did not have a digital timer. I used my sisters to bake bugs, of course. The scary factor was not the heat is was that front-loading oven caught so many little fingers.

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Polly Pockets: In 2007, Mattel recalled millions of these due to reports of children ingesting the small, powerful magnets.

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Lawn Darts:  Even though lawn darts with steel tips have been banned in the U.S. since the 1980s, there is an underground movement of lawn dart enthusiasts who meet for tournaments. Don't tell anyone!

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