Wasting time texting? Wasting time surfing the web? Chatting with friends at work? You're killing productivity. Relax, you are not alone. Here are the top ten things you're doing at work sucking the productivity out of your day.

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PRNewswire released results from a nationwide survey was conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder earlier this year from February 10 through March 4, 2014. Here are the top ten productivity killers:

1) Cell Phone /Texting 50%

2) Gossip 42%

3) Internet 39%

4) Social Media 38%

5) Snack breaks or smoke breaks 27%

6) Noisy Co-Workers 24%

7) Meetings 23%

8) Email 23%

9) Co-Workers dropping by 23%

10) Co-Workers putting calls on speaker phone 10%


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As a boss would say.."Put those personal technology toys away and keep your nose to the grindstone!"

Enough said...