After hearing about these Candy Apple Milky Ways through a listener yesterday, I picked up a bag at Target last night.

Little did I know that these are on the list as one of the Top Disgusting Halloween Candies. Honestly, I didn't think they were that bad. They're different. They are nothing like a Milky Way as I expected when popping on in my mouth. They have a slight candy apple smell and taste, but overall I thought they were good. They don't having me saying "WOW! I gotta have more of these!", yet , I'm not gagging or spitting them out either.

Have you seen these in the Halloween candy aisle? Have you tried them yet? Or what about this list of candies from Chicago Now, is there anything on there you definitely wouldn't try?

Top Most Disgusting Halloween Candies You Shouldn't Buy

8. Halloween Oreo's

7. Candy Corn M&M's

6. Candy Apple Milky Ways

5. Starburst Candy Corn

4. Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

3. Cadbury Screme Eggs

2. Candy Corn Hershey's Bar

1. Brach's Candy Corn Gummies.

Looking at that list I know what I would eat or even attempt at trying.

It would be the Brach's Gummie Candy Corns (I don't like gummie candies), the Cadbury Screme Eggs (I don't even like the ones they sell at Easter.) and the Candy Corn Hershey Bar. I imagine the Candy Corn cream of the candy bar is like white chocolate and I don't like white chocolate.