There are 20 overused, stale, and buzz kill phrases that you need to stop using immediately accord to Human Resource Directors. Here they are. I'm guilty. Are you?

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Stop using these to help your employment status with the Boss. That’s the advice of 600 Human Resource managers interviewed by Accountemps, who wanted to learn what office catchphrases and clichés drive supervisors up the wall.

The 20 most annoying and over used phrases and buzzwords according to Accountemps are:

"At the end of the day"
"Circle back"
"Crunch time"
"Deep dive"
"Employee engagement"
"I am overwhelmed."
"It's above my pay grade."
"It's not my job."
"Let me get back to you."
"Out of pocket"
"Pick your brain"
"Think outside the box."
"When am I going to get a raise?"

Guilty as charged. I annoyed myself after reading these out loud.

Start creating new ones and share them with us.