I just breathed a big sigh of relief. Normally I'm disappointed if my name doesn't land in the "Top 10 Names of...." some list; I'd even settle for being in the top 16 but it appears my name didn't make the top 10 or 16 of another popular list: the names of women who will get pregnant next year. Now that my son's 18, I think I'm done having kids.

You're probably asking yourself the same thing I did when I saw the list, "how do they figure out this stuff?" I think it's math and statistics, and stuff that involves big words. Seriously, though, researchers breakdown quantifiable data, including names of women who've given birth in the last decade; in even numbered years, and after vetting the data through several different social and economic factors, including geographical data, it can be concluded that women with these names can expect to get a visit from the stork in 2016:

1) Lauren

2) Caitlyn or Kaitlyn

3) Heather

4) Alyssa or Alissa 

5) Elizabeth

6) Sarah

7) Maria 

8) Danielle

9) Laura

10) Meghan

11) Natalie 

12) Erin

13) Jessica

14) Jayne 

15) Paige

16) Melanie 

Did your name make the list?