A new survey by Forbes that reveals just what children now receive from the Tooth Fairy. The average may surprise you.


The new study by Forbes reveals that the average of $3.19 per tooth is the going rate from the Tooth Fairy. That's down 24 cents from last year. Other findings:

- Kids receive an average of $64 from lost teeth over the course of their life

- 32% of people say that a dollar is the most popular amount left by the Tooth Fairy

-20% of kids have received a $5 bill from the Tooth Fairy

Guang Niu, Getty Images

Northeast ... $3.56 per tooth

Midwest ... $3.13 per tooth

West ... $3.09 per tooth

South ... $3.07 per tooth

The next time your kids are not happy by the special treat left by the Tooth Fairy, remind them that they are lucky they don't live down South.