Oscar Award Winner Tom Hanks surprised three hardworking Girl Scouts recently when he stopped to buy cookies in downtown Los Altos in the San Francisco Bay Area on Feb. 28. What he did next confirms why he is a great man, not just an actor.

According to the US Weekly, Tom Hanks was on his way to visit a typewriter shop with his 19-year-old son Truman. He pulled over, bought four boxes of cookies, donated an extra $20 and even stayed to help the Girl Scouts sell more.

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The girls and Mother in the booth did not recognize him at first because he hide his face with a baseball cap and glasses.

Hanks, 58, confirmed who he was, and stayed to take photos as well when the mother identified him. When another customer asked to take a pic with him, he quipped: "Only if you buy cookies from these young ladies."

If you were wondering, Tom Hanks bought 4 boxes of Samoas.