Most of us pay lots of taxes and it just never seems to end. From taxes on your home to your paycheck deductions and state income tax it adds up pretty fast. Every time you think something has been paid for they hit you with something new. As if the gas tax isn't enough, it even costs you to go from Rockford to Chicago and back thanks to I-90's tolls.

Illinois Proposes Overhauling Toll Roads
Getty Images/MLS

According to, Wisconsin legislators are trying to consider adding tolls to various state roads in Wisconsin. Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald said that tolls could generate some more much needed revenue to help with road repair and maintenance. On a better note, Fitzgerald also stated that tolling would be a more effective revenue source then raising the old gas tax.


In 2017, Governor Walker actually vetoed a huge 2.5 million dollar study on road tolling. Lets hope we don't have to pay even more. I guess it would be okay for one but definitely not both. I guess we will see what happens.


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