'Tis the season for itching, scratching, and shocking every thing you touch. Keep the dry skin and static at bay with these quick and easy tips.

It's the reality of life in the winter. No matter how much lotion you apply, your skin is still flaky and looks like it is covered in sand. Your hair is sticking up everywhere and clinging to your collar. You are afraid to touch anyone or anything, because an electrical shock is just not something you want to be a part of. We have decided that covering up as much of this hot mess as possible with hats, scarves and more is the only thing we can do to help. Well, there are a few more things we can try so we can put our best face, ( and hair) forward.

Sounds easy enough? I just can't do the wash your hair every couple days thing, though. I'd be too greasy and stinky, and then I'd really be in a bad mood. No bueno.