Flu season is in full swing. Yuck!

The nasty germ has already hit a few here in the station and I'm pretty sure it's made a not so welcomed visit to your home, work or school as well.

Here's a few tips to prevent it from catching hold of your.

According to Love Live Health, there are eight tips we can do right now to keep that icky sickness away.

1. Add infection fighting food to your diet: Foods like ginger, garlic and pumpkin seeds.

2. Reduce your stress levels: Set aside time to relax each day. Reading, doing a hobby, etc.

3. Eat more Vitamin A and D.

4. Increase your Vitamin C intake.

5. Abandon smoking. Smoking lowers your immune systems defense.

6. Get plenty of sleep. Being sleep deprived lowers your bodies defense as well.

7. Reduce your sugar intake.

8. Keep up good hygiene: Regularly wash your hands. Keep antibacterial sanitizer with you always.  I ALWAYS keep a bottle on my desk.

Wow! That's not difficult and pretty easy to achieve.

I'll do anything to keep that creepy crawly germ away from me.

"Ain't nobody got time for that." Am I right!?