Finally, it's that time of year. The time when you bend over, pull dead junk, rake, dig out the patio furniture, and sore muscles. The muscles you let go flabby while waiting for Winter to end, are now expected to work hard for you. They will talk back to you.

This past weekend, my wife and I pulled dead plants up, raked the yard, general yard cleaning and now we're both sore... If you're feeling like a 100 year old man or woman, here are a few tips to help you recover quicker from Sports Medicine.

1) Replace fluids
2) Eat properly with high protein and complex carbs
3) Stretch
4) Rest
5) Keep active and keep moving.. Sitting because you're sore will make you "sore"
6) Have a massage
7) Take an ice bath
8) Get quality sleep
9) Avoid over training, over doing it.
10) Use visualization and meditation to will the pain away...

I know, the massage is the best one on this list. Go for it!   Happy yard work...