During the Fourth of July, people enjoy parades, picnics, celebrations, and fireworks. However for your pet, the Fourth of July can be a terrifying experience. Winnebago County Animal Services offer these tips for keeping your pet safe.

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·         Always have an ID such as a rabies tag, name tag or microchip on your pet even when indoors. It’s easy for a pet to slip out the door when company arrives.

·         Running an air conditioner helps drown out the noisy fireworks.

·         A television or stereo quiets the outside noises.

·         Keep pets inside away from celebrations or fireworks. A quiet bedroom or maybe a rec room in the basement makes a good temporary hideaway.

·         Don’t leave your pet unsupervised outdoors even on a leash. The booms are certain to cause them to bolt, chew or break a leash.

·         Don’t assume that because your pet has been fine in previous years that it will be okay this year. As pets age, they can react differently to fireworks or lots of visitors.

·         Leave your pets at home when you leave to enjoy the show.

·         If you are having company, your pet may need a quiet place to get away from the hectic noise of visitors and children.

·         The food table at a picnic is very appealing to everyone including your pets. Some pets can be aggressive around food and strangers. Make sure you give your pet a safe place to nap away from the food table.

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If you have any questions, or find a lost dog or critter, please contact the pros at Winnebago County Animal Services.