A newly-released video adds details to Tim McGraw's stage collapse in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday night (March 11). While mostly dark, there are a few sights and sounds that help fans better understand what happened.

After finishing "Humble and Kind," the singer walks about the stage for nearly a minute as the Irish fans cheer and chant "Ole, Ole, Ole." The lights cut out as he's near the drum riser, and at that moment there is no sign that anything is wrong. About 40 seconds later — at about :56 in the video below — you'll hear the sound of something falling to the stage and gasps from the audience. A spotlight shows McGraw on his knees, with band members taking off their instruments and rushing to his side. Then the lights cut out again as McGraw is helped off stage. A few seconds later, there is a smattering of applause like you might hear when an injured athlete is taken off the field.

McGraw's representatives said dehydration caused the collapse and that he'd be alright after receiving on-site medical care. Photos in the Daily Mail indicate that he is indeed alright. In the pictures he's giving cameras a thumbs up as he and wife Faith Hill exit a building in Dublin on Monday (March 12). Sunday night's show was his third in three nights for the C2C Festival in the United Kingdom.

After a break, Hill returned to the stage with her band to let the crowd know she had shut her husband down for the night, which earned applause. She asked for requests to close the show with one more song before singing a few bars of a gospel song.

McGraw and Hill have some time off the road ahead of them. The 2018 Soul2Soul Tour doesn't resume until May 31 in Richmond, Va., and from there they'll tour heavily through July. In November the couple released their first joint album, The Rest of Our Life.

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