Tim McGraw choogles in celebration of the magic of southern towns in his newest song, a groovy new duet with singer-songwriter and producer Shy Carter. In each verse, "Way Down" spotlights a different city in the south, highlighting exactly what it is that makes each place so great. Press play above to watch!

"Way down in Alabama, got the Dreamland, B-Ham, Mobile, Muscle Shoals / Way down in Mississippi, got the Ole Miss, Elvis, Three card poker on the coast," McGraw sings in the first verse of the song. He goes on to rattle off states like Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky and many more, along with the spots that make each special. It's a simple, bluesy premise, injected with a danceable beat and gritty guitar riffs.

"Way Down" gets a swagger-filled assist from a rap breakdown courtesy of Carter, who is a frequent collaborator of McGraw's and even co-wrote duets between McGraw and Faith Hill such as "Speak to a Girl" and "Roll the Dice."

On Twitter, McGraw hinted that fans will have much more to look forward to following the release of his newest song. "This is just the start," he said. "Can't wait for 2020."

The singer recently dropped some details about what he's got in the works, which includes a new album due out next year. During an interview with Taste of Country at Hometown Rising 2019, he indicated that his new record will "give you a good perspective on life."

In 2019, artists like Rascal Flatts have said that they planned to step away from the album format -- at least for the time being -- but McGraw says he has no intention of opting out of the album-making process. "For me, an album tells a story, and I've always tried to do that with all my records," he elaborates. "And the way that I developed musically, and the way I learned to listen to music, was through albums....So I like the process of an album, and I like what an album does, and how an album allows you to settle into an artist and listen to their story."

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