Ahh! Tim McGraw has taken over Taste of Country in celebration of his 'Sundown Heaven Town' album! Over the next two weeks, find loads of exclusive content like fun live videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, enticing interview tidbits and more. Two weeks of Tim? It's every country fan's dream.

Tim McGraw's 'Sundown Heaven Town' album was released Tuesday (Sept. 16), and the singer is pumped up about it, opening up to Taste of Country about the record and how he pushes himself as an artist.

McGraw self-produced the 18-track album alongside his longtime producer Byron Gallimore, and although he's undoubtedly proud of all of the songs on the record, there was one track in particular he was excited for fans to hear. That track is 'Words Are Medicine,' and for good reason.

"I just think that that’s a special song," McGraw says. "It stands out in the world that we live in today. Words can be so vitriolic and people can be so mean in what they say.”

“Just because you misspeak sometimes doesn’t mean that’s what you meant, and we don’t have to take it that way," the star adds. "Let yourself not take it that way from time to time, because words can heal and words can make a difference in somebody’s life. One word you say to somebody can make a difference in their life for the rest of their life. So I think that song just sort of speaks to where the world is now, what we need it to be and how we need to approach each other."

McGraw and Gallimore seem to be a great team -- the singer credits his producer with pushing him artistically, but also telling him when he may have gone overboard

“I’m gonna push myself further and I’m gonna stretch as far out as I can. I think as an artist, that’s what you’re supposed to do," McGraw declares. "I think what’s great is I have Byron Gallimore in my corner. I think what’s great about Byron is he allows me, as a team, he understands as an artist that I want to push and he wants to push as well ‘cause he’s an artist in his own right as a produce r… he also knows when to tell me when we’ve gone a little too far."

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