Tim McGraw's new video for 'Lookin' for That Girl' is out of the ordinary for the country singer. In the video he takes fans on a wild ride with colors and visual effects -- and he plays a role similar to secret agent James Bond.

McGraw is a Southern boy but 'Lookin' for That Girl' is one of his country songs that borders closely to pop. The sound is different for the legend so he stepped up his music video game and went a little psychedelic.

The colorful imagery will take you on a wild ride through the song from start to finish. The video opens with a kaleidoscope of bright red colors before revealing a silhouette of the singer in front of the same kaleidoscopic colors. With lyrics like "day glow" and "neon Jager bombs," it's no surprise McGraw and director Sophie Muller chose a bright color scheme.

How does McGraw see himself in the video where colorful, dancing women and fast cars take precedent? He calls himself Bond. James Bond.

"Shot the #LookinForThatGirl video with a Bond theme. Thanks to director Sophie Muller for helping create this!" McGraw tweeted.

McGraw and his auto-tuned voice may be the only Bond that spends time on empty, colorful country roads, but the singer sure makes it look good. He does look the part in a dark suit that's casually illuminated by the kaleidoscope of colors -- he just added a cowboy hat to the typical Bond style.