Country music is gaining more recognition than ever these days, and Tim McGraw thinks it's due time. With the genre's stars selling out huge venues like Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl, it's obvious that country really is taking over.

McGraw is glad country is finally getting the credit it deserves -- he thinks that it's the age of country music, and although it's been around since practically forever, it's finally becoming mainstream popular.

“Country music doesn’t get the credit, I think, a lot of times that it deserves," the 'Lookin' for That Girl' singer explains. "Course, you probably heard that for years. But, it just speaks to so many people and I think it’s just having such a great; I mean it’s been goin’ great for a long time but it’s havin’ such a great resurgence right now.”

He's not wrong about that. Jason Aldean is one of the artists helping make country what it is right now. The superstar, who just so happens to also be a baseball fan, recently sold out a show at MLB's Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. And, the Georgia native sold out his Atlanta show so quickly, he had to make it a triple play!

Blake Shelton's also selling out some pretty amazing venues on his upcoming tour, making one -- okay, two -- of his dreams come true when he sold out both Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl.

McGraw thinks country fans and their connection with the 'real' music is helping artists sell out big venues.

"I think there’s an approachability to country music and I think that it’s sort of speaks to a large spectrum of people; and I think that that’s why you can see artists goin’ out and fillin’ up stadiums," he shares. "That’s the reason it’s doin’ that. It’s just connection. It’s a connection with people that country music has that, I think, that’s always been there but it seems to be just growin’ exponentially."