I may be in trouble for posting this, but I don't care. This is my favorite picture so far for Throwback Thursday. Steve only has himself to blame for this, as he pointed it out to me. Of course, I had to steal it.

In fact, this pic is so good, it deserves a post all to itself. Whew...did it just get hotter in here? LOL! LOL! LOL!



I don't know what I like best. The swimsuit?  The shoes? The glasses? Lord, help me. This, my friends, is totally "beachin."

Please excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom. I am laughing too hard.

Before I go though, I must say that Steve's beachin' attire looks much better now. See for yourself by joining us on the Wake Up Crew Party Cruise February 1-8. Get all the details here.