Before we get to today's featured photo, please allow Steve Summers and I a moment of gratitude. The ratings are in, and you have chosen us as Rockford's number one most listened to morning show. Hot damn!

We are extremely honored and humbled by this fact, but we have all of you to thank for it. Not just for listening, but also for being a part of the show each and every day. Your calls, input, and participation fuel us, and we are all the "Wake Up Crew" together!

Ok, now to get to my point. Ya'll are the most awesome and loyal listeners, the numbers prove that year after year, so many of you have probably been listening to Q98.5 for several years now. So, it's now time for you to join in on the fun once again...

Who is this guy, and what was his purpose during the morning show? (By "this guy" I mean the guy with the bag on his head, not Jesse Garcia or Steve Summers)



I do apologize that this pic is a bit hard to see, but it's so old it's in black and white, and the only one we can find.

On a personal note, I may not remember this aspect of the show from the mid '90's, but I did know the man behind the bag. He fought hard, but still lost his batter with cancer.  He is missed dearly by everyone here at Q98.5.