Steve and I decided that it is time for Mark Charvat to feel the love on Throwback Thursday.

Here's why. Every morning we come in to a messy studio after the Mark storm has blown through. We clean it up, because we can't work in a mess, but since we aren't his maids, or his mama, it's time for our form of payback. ( We still love ya, Mark)

The unfortunate thing is that Mark has not been around as long as Steve Summers, so I couldn't find as many fabulously ridiculous pictures of him to show off. So instead, I shall show you some of my past favorites, and of course one showing his Bozo hair.

First off, there's this. I'm pretty sure he still wears these shorts.



Then there is the the time my husband dressed as "Mark" for Halloween at Miller Lite Country Night. We did have to use a pillow in the shirt to achieve the desired look.



I like to call this one, "Mark: Thug Life."



Now, for the promised "Bozo" picture from when he was the DJ at my brother's wedding.



Just for the record. I am not scared of paybacks. Mark is not capable of my level of sleuthing. LOL!