It's time to honor the most important men in our lives, after all, "he put us into this world, and he can take us out of it."  Yes, I heard that a lot from my Dad in my younger years. I was a sassy teenager.

I still am sassy, and I have my Dad to thank for that. I am so much like him in so many ways. From our love of country music and beer, to our sometimes shy behavior, and  matching crooked teeth. (It's a Zimmerman thing) I am a Daddy's girl, and damn proud of it!

They say a Dad is a daughter's first love, and that couldn't be more true. To me he is also the man to call for every problem, to help with any task, and fix anything that is broken. My brother and I also knew we were in BIG trouble if Dad was the one punishing us. His 2 favorite lines to say when we were younger were; "I hate liars," and "I hate quitters."  Best advice ever. To this day Kyle and I work hard and don't quit, and try not to lie so we don't disappoint Dad and hurt others.

He is now the first person my husband and I call to hang out with, just for fun,  and it melts my heart to see my big, strong, teddy bear Father turn into a baby- talking pile of love whenever Ella is around.

My Dad also hates having his picture taken, so pics where there is no hand in front of his face are hard to find. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you more than words can say...

Also, Happy Father's Day to my Grandpa Bob, who just turned 92 yesterday! This pic was taken 2 weeks ago with all his grandchildren (minus 1 and 3 great-grandchildren!) So much love in this pic...

Grandpa and his grandkids

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