OK, Steve Summers is on vacation this week, and my plan was to really dig through the old photos to find some more super awesome and embarrassing pics of Steve Summers. Then, I just happened to stumble across this, and plans immediately changed.

We've all googled ourselves before just to see what comes up. Just admit it, you know you have. Well, a fabulous co-worker took it one step further this week and looked up "Q98.5" on Ebay. Bless his heart for doing it, because he found me this...



Who remembers the free publication Q98.5 put out in the late 90's called American Country Magazine? This was before my time here, but, I am aware of its existence. If you have always wanted to own Steve Summers, this may be as close as you are gonna get. Poor Steve though, he's only worth $10. Everyone else is worth at least $15. LOL! Here's the link to buy Steve on Ebay.


Here I thought I was just gonna have to use this pic of when Steve and Shania were at a "gun show." Hee Hee.