They always say don't park in front of a fire hydrant. Besides getting a parking ticket or even being towed, things will surely get a whole lot worse if there's a fire. According to, a fire department in Anaheim California has issued a warning to drivers to remind them not to park in front of hydrants. This warning comes right after a blaze they battled on Tuesday morning. As you guessed it, a vehicle was parked right in front of the hydrant they needed, so they had to take quick action to put out the fire.

The fire happened around the 800 block of North West Street. When the firefighters got there, a car was blocking the hydrant so they did what they had to do. The busted out the backseat windows on both sides and ran their hose right through it. The firefighters got the fire out but they asked, was a closer parking spot worth a citation, broken windows and towing? I think not.

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