Tis the season for cold weather and sweaters. But this may be the ugliest sweater I have ever seen. 

My youngest daughter performed in a band concert over the weekend in Morton. It was her annual Christmas performance, and the gym way packed!

It is common to see people dress up in sweaters. For one person, I think he may have the ugliest sweater I have ever seen.

Natalie Zears

That distinction of the ugliest Christmas sweater ever goes to the assistant band director of Morton High School Patrick Mainieri. He does such a great job with not only the high school students, but he also works with Junior High  Kids.

So, you are you wondering if those are real lights on his sweater? Yes, they are. That is also the biggest snowman I ever have seen on the front of the sweater.

When he was talking to the crowd, he mentioned that he has never lost  an ugly sweater competition. I can see why for sure. This is also a chance to thank Patrick and the rest of his staff for an amazing performance of the holiday classics. I am glad to see that music is still alive and well.

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