The verdict is in.

Although this longstanding Chicago business has moved, it's iconic sign will remain atop the building.

NBC Chicago shares that even though the 'Trib' has moved from it's foemer headquarters in downtown Chicago their iconic sign, we all know and have seen, can remain on the building.

The building is being turned into condos and will be known as the "Tribune Towers".

Well I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of fitting for those 8 foot letters to stay on the building don't you. I mean the building is still owned by the company that owns the paper and it's name is a derivative of what was formerly there.

It's hard to imagine that this was sucjha an issue but apparently "Tronc, [the company that owns the paper, and the real estate firms that are developing Tribune Tower have agreed to settle a lawsuit that had put the fate of the sign in jeopardy."

The letters will be removed while the building is being renovated them are expected to be returned "in early 2020 when the renovation is completed."



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