So with this mornings -50 degree wind-chill factor here in Rockford, there are a few things you need to know about leaving things in your car. According to, there are a few things you should never leave in your vehicle during sub zero temps. Cell phones or devices with Lithium -ion batteries definitely need to be brought inside. Lithium-Ion batteries are really vulnerable in temps like these. The devices will stop working completely until they warm back up.

Another few items are soda's, beer and canned food goods. You know what happens to soda or beer when you leave it in the freezer. Musical instruments are another item you don't want to leave in your vehicle because they can go out of tune and even shrink. If you have real wood instruments it will be worse because they can crack under extreme temps. Medication is another item on this list. Some medicines lose their effectiveness if they happen to freeze. Insulin is one of those medicines.Another one of the major things you don't want to leave in your vehicle is a low gas tank. Keeping it at least half full will keep the lines from freezing.

Lastly, the most important thing to never leave in your car in these temps is your family members. It kind of goes without saying but hey, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't finish with this one. In these temps, you can catch Hypothermia in a matter of minutes. Come to think of it, just stay inside until the temperatures get a little more bearable.

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