Time changes everything, even the good things we remember as kids. Just bring up one of these joys from your childhood to your kids and soak in the look on their faces. I remember doing all of these like it was just yesterday. Remember...

Calling you mom for a ride home from a pay phone. Even better, waiting in line to call your mom.

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Renting a VHS Tape at your local video store. Then getting yelled at when you didn't rewind it.

Reading a newspaper.

Sticking a shiny copper penny in a bubble-gum machine.

Making a mix cassette tape for your high school crush.

Using an encyclopedia as a reference for your report. Thank you Wikipedia for being so much easier these days.

Typing up a report on a typewriter.

Dialing a number on a rotary phone and waiting for it to return back listening to the clicking sounds.

Taking photos with a flash cube. Then waiting 3-5 days for them to come back from being developed.

Playing darts in your basement, with the lights off...Then pulling the darts our of the CORK board, hoping it wouldn't fall to the ground.

Warming up the stove to 'warm up' leftovers and waiting...waiting...waiting.. So glad we have microwaves now.

Playing the video game 'Pac-Man' and jumping for joy when they came out with a lady version.

'Frogger' video game... Say no more...

What do you remember from your childhood days that your kids have no idea about?