Now a days you can use 3D printers to make just about anything. From houses, guitars, prosthetics, & more. I even read a story about a guy who made a car out of one!

A Rockford manufacturing company just created the world's largest 3D printer according to the Guinness Book of World Records and WREX. It's been sold to the University of Maine and they are already breaking more records with it!

They made a boat 25 feet long and weighing in at 5,000 pounds in just 72 hours, two more records. They will be using the printer to make molds for boats and working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to create a plastic containing wood fibers.

With all things though, people have already found out how to abuse the power of 3D printers. From finding patents online and recreating them to even being able to make replica guns that fire. However, I say with all good things there's always some way to make it bad and that shouldn't deter us from accepting the new technology. Although I will say, as more and more new technologies and automation come out, more and more jobs will be lost. Hopefully we find a way to replace them!

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