Imagine waking up, sun shining, birds chirping, the whole nine. You go to open the window to let some fresh air in, inhale deeply, and then want to throw up! That's what residents in New Milford are dealing with.

Many of their residents moved to New Milford for that country fresh air, but are now dealing with the overpowering smell of two nearby landfills. And they've had enough!

According to WIFR, residents have hired a lawyer to help them with this matter.

I just wonder what can they possibly do? Outside of trying to move said landfills. As more and more areas begin to develop and grow, that gives us less spaces to store our trash. Unfortunately, we need landfills for our waste, but relocating them could just be another problem for another town.

What do you think they should do to help the residents of New Milford? Let me know in the comments!



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