In Soldier Field history, these are the top-rated moments.

When it comes to sports arenas or stadiums in Chicago, my favorite is Soldier Field. Even after the renovation, it's still pretty cool. The location on the lakefront is so unique. It's an amazing place to tailgate if you're lucky enough to get a parking pass.

It doesn't hurt that I've been to the most events there. My family has season tickets for the Bears, so I've been to many games. A bunch of concerts including the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. My Dad and I went to a World Cup game. I even went to an XFL game there to see the Chicago Enforcers.

I was watching the Bears on television the other day and starting thinking about all the times I had been there. Plus, thousands that I didn't attend. I wondered what the best moments in Soldier Field history would be. I did a little research.

According to,

10. Notre Dame vs USC on November 26th, 1927 - In front of one of the biggest crowds in history at 120,000.

9. Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic on March 1st, 2014 - Are you kidding me, the Hawks playing outside at Soldier Field, that's awesome.

8. World Cup Opening Ceremonies on June 17th, 1994 - Fans from all over the world came to see the best soccer tournament in the sport.

7. First Special Olympics Games on July 20th, 1968 - This was the beginning of an incredible event and organization.

6. "I Have A Dream Rally" on June 21st, 1964 - The great Martin Luther King Jr spoke that day.

5. President Makes Campaign Appearance on October 28th, 1944 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt made his only Midwest stop.

4. College Football National Title Game on November 27th, 1926 - Navy beats Army at Soldier Field, a very cool moment.

3. NFC Title Game vs Saints on January 21st, 2007 - Bears went on to the Super Bowl.

2. Heavyweight Boxing Title Match on September 22nd, 1927 - Tunney beats Dempsey.

1.NFC Title Game vs Rams on January 12th, 1986 - Bears go on the win Super Bowl.

I think number one is probably my favorite. I will admit, I took my daughter to see One Direction and that was pretty epic.

What's your favorite?

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