Ever get hungry at last call? You bet you do! Perhaps your best friend mentions getting something to eat at Denny's and before you know it, you’re halfway through a plate of french fries, hoping the grease and carb overload will soak up some of that alcohol you absorbed into your body.

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I know I base my late-night eats on three factors: convenience, cheapness, and the greasier, the better. Of course the next morning, upon waking up, I instantly regret it.

Hand your designated driver your truck keys and get movin!

Here are the TOP 5 Foods People eat when drunk:

1. Pizza

2. Hot Dogs

3. Breakfast (Not talking cereal here, by this I mean over-stuffed omelets, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, sausage and bacon, ...the greasier, the more fulfilling)

4. Noodles (Ever go to late-night ramen joint? I have)

5. Hamburgers

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Other options: Waffles, French Fries, Burritos and Tacos (Be careful), Chips and Pretzels

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Finally, if all else fails, I resort to whatever is in the fridge. What is your favorite drunk food?