Back in 1973 this freaky looking creature, terrified the small town of Enfield, Illinois. Cops found tracks, kids were attacked and chased, and one man named Henry McDaniel encountered the "Enfield Monster" on April 25th 1973.

Let's start with the description of this beastly character...Which has been described as somewhat ape like, also kinda like a kangaroo.

Henry McDaniel said this monster was gray in color, standing about four and a half feet tall, and on three legs.

Short body. small T-rex type arms with glowing pink eyes. I'm liking this already, sexy Henry, sexy. Now things start to get weird, hang tight.

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McDaniel's had a run in with this creature and opened fire on it, striking it once. So the thing was shot...and he ran away. Well, "leaped" away according to Henry. Police found odd claw like footprints but no body.

Two weeks later, Mr. McDaniel encountered the "Enfield Monster" again along some railroad tracks. He formed a search team, a posse, let's call it a posse, and went looking for it.

The creature was spotted standing in an abandoned building as the posse approached. Shots were fired once again at the "Enfield Monster" but they search party had nothing to show for it, as it ran off once again.


The official description of the body type is "Tripedal Mammalian." That's a powerful name.

Here's a video describing the creature, the sightings, the folklore and the matching truths of the "Enfield Monster."

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